Why should I make a Will?

There’s a 100% chance you will die, and with a Will one way or another.

The choice is whether you make it yourself (about 30% of the population ‘get around to it’) or let the government give you one via the intestacy rules!

The former allows you to make all kinds of decisions involving the people you wish to benefit and to act on your behalf. The latter gives authority for ‘outsiders’ to distribute your estate in a prescribed method, and to be paid for their services from your estate.

There are many reasons why you should make a Will. Three good ones are:

– Not getting on with one’s own family,

– Changes in one’s circumstances,

– Living with a partner.

Where families have fallen out they often don’t want certain members to benefit from their estate, yet this is exactly what can happen without drafting a Will. This is especially phentermine likely where children, parents or brothers & sisters are involved.

Typical changes in circumstances which should trigger thoughts of creating a Will are:  marriage, starting a family, separation or divorce. An old Will should also be updated when it no longer meets current needs, on average about every five years.

Many living with a partner seem to simply presume they will ultimately benefit from the estate. These wishes need to be built into a Will otherwise intestacy rules may see most of the assets distributed among the blood relatives and the partner left without.

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