Don’t leave it too late!Last Will and Testament

It is estimated that around 70% of adults in England don’t have a Will. When you consider that Wills should be updated for material changes, many more people have out of date arrangements which need amending.

Material changes would include: births, marriages, deaths, separation, divorce, disabilities or significant changes in wealth, whether an increase or decrease.

We insure our home, our car and other possessions every year yet so often neglect to protect ourselves and our loved ones.

Guardianship is perhaps the most compelling reason why parents with children under the age of eighteen need to make a Will. Many people simply presume that, should anything happen to them, an ‘obvious’ remaining member of family would automatically take charge as legal guardian. It comes as a shock to hear that, without a Will, Social Services could step in and make an alternative medicine klonopin appointment or take the children into Care. This can simply be avoided by drafting a Will.

A Will permits you to do many things that would not be possible if you were to die intestate (without a Will). This includes specifying the person(s) who will administer your estate, giving direction to your executors regarding what happens to specific assets, achieving desired tax and estate planning objectives and protecting your assets from being used to pay Long Term Residential Care fees.


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