Recent Work

Recently took Will instructions from an elderly client in Lincoln who wanted to ensure his estate will be distributed in a certain way, intestacy would not achieve his objectives.

A young unmarried couple in Derby have drawn up Wills in order to protect each others interest.

A mature couple in Nottingham have drawn up Lasting Powers of Attorney and also decided to have them registered as they may require Attorneys to act on their behalf in the foreseeable future.

A couple from West Hallam have made mirrored Wills in order to protect their young children in terms of guardianship.

An elderly client in Kirk Hallam has just drawn up his first Will, a milestone birthday was the trigger.

Met with a couple in Long Eaton who were keen to draw up Wills with guardianship in mind.

Recently met with a couple from Alfreton who wanted to both write their first Will and draw up Lasting Powers of Attorney.

A lady in Grantham has just completed her first Will, she felt that since her adult children had them in place she ought to!

A couple from Chesterfield have decided it is finally time to protect themselves and drawn up Wills.

A client in Mansfield has made a single Will, ensuring that various charities he supports will ultimately benefit from his estate.

A recently retired couple from Nottingham have decided that now is the time to put their affairs in order and have Wills drawn up.

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